Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Landscape Blocks

The biggest of the Knob Blocks, the Jumbo Block certainly knows how to throw its weight around. Weighing in at 5,400 pounds with 36 cubic feet of concrete, the Jumbo Block stays where you put it. Working just like the knob style block form, with its simple interlocking system, the Jumbo Block makes an imposing wall.

The front face of the block is a well proportioned 2 feet by 6 feet. At 3 feet deep the block is half as deep as it is long and will easily turn a corner without disrupting your running bond pattern.

The notch on the bottom of the block creates enough “slop” to allow the blocks to make curved walls. 

If you are looking for a landscape block that is large enough for the most demanding job, yet small enough to be handled with light-duty equipment, the Mid-size Landscape Block Form is the perfect form for you.


The Mid-Size Landscape Block looks great in residential settings. Where larger blocks tend to overwhelm the scale of a house, the Mid-Size Block looks right at home, even though the wall has the same mass as one built from our larger Landscape Blocks.  Each block weighs only 560 pounds.  That’s light enough to be handled with a skid-steer. 

Different sizes are available.